Dr. Rebecca Talmud, PT, DPT is the Owner of Dinosaur Physical Therapy, a Pediatric Physical Therapy practice. Based in Washington DC, Rebecca provides Physical Therapy to children of all ages. She holds a Doctoral Degree in Physical Therapy from New York University with a clinical focus in Pediatrics. Rebecca is committed to providing the highest quality Pediatric Physical Therapy. She works closely with children, their families and caregivers, sharing knowledge, resources and tools to ensure each child’s success!

Rebecca began Dinosaur Physical Therapy in 2008 combining a lifelong love of Dinosaurs (particularly Stegosaurus) and commitment to helping those in need. She is a lover of Granny Smith apples, tree climbing, impromptu dance parties, her amazing husband, Rory, gorgeous son, Abe, and wonderful bulldog, Roosevelt.

dr. rebecca talmud

Contact Rebecca directly via email at info@dinopt.com