Our Reviews


Dinosaur Physical Therapy is beyond lucky to work with some truly amazing families, here are a few testimonials from our clients…

“Dr. Rebecca Talmud is wonderful. She has been an incredibly helpful, calming, generous, professional, kind, and extremely knowledgeable resource for our family–offering spot-on assessments and guidance, personalized routines, and great toy and prop recommendations. Our son has low tone and torticollis and it can be a very confusing journey filled with questions, concerns, and self-doubt. Dr. Talmud has been so responsive to our concerns, providing reassurance, and adjusted strategies as needed. Highly recommended!!”

-Julia R.

“Rebecca is an amazing pediatric physical therapist.  She helped my son following two leg and foot injuries.  Her support helped him regain his strength and confidence, both of which were critical to his physical and emotional recovery.  The home program she put together for us was easy to follow and very accessible for my son, and she regularly went the extra mile with extremely helpful recommendations and follow-up by email.  Most importantly, my son LOVES going to see her and thinks of it as a fun treat.  We feel very fortunate to be in her care!”

-Jennie G.

“Rebecca is a wonderful pediatric PT! She’s professional, knowledgeable, and hands down loves babies/children. Our son needed PT for torticollis starting at 3 months old. She put together a home program for us (with instructions and videos) and was easily reachable by email (and continued to touch base to see if we had any questions/concerns or needed anything). Plus she made the sessions fun for him which made the whole process easier. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

-Alyssa A.

“I cannot recommend Rebecca strongly enough.  Our son required some PT early on (at just one month) and she not only came in and helped with the PT pieces, but equally helped us navigate the Early Intervention process as well.  She connected so sweetly with our son and was also patient with our very curious daughter (who often wanted to oversee the sessions!)  With many family members in the OT/PT/medical world, we had some good help, but they lived far away and we knew we really needed someone special.  Rebecca was just the right person.

Our son has thrived under her care and she was particularly great about teaching me and my husband what kinds of things we should be doing in between sessions – even going as far as sending us emails and videos so we could really do it right.”

-Leora K.

“As the mom of a child with special needs – I must say the needs can get overwhelming!  Rebecca was a tremendous resource for us during the 3 years she treated my son.  She was great at problem solving and treating his physical therapy needs and making therapy so much fun he participated willingly. He made  tremendous progress in his time of working with her!

She was also a terrific support for me, helping me find resources, teaching me about my son’s physical therapy needs and progress, and how to support him between sessions.

I would highly recommend her to anyone lucky enough to be able to work with her!”

-Debra B.

“I highly recommend Dinosaur Physical Therapy. We’ve used her services for almost one year now and I can’t be more pleased. Right from day one she showed up with 1000% enthusiasm and never had any problems encouraging my independent but not-always-cooperative four year old. I have seen real improvement in my daughters strength, coordination, and balance on her right side which was why we came to Rebecca. She can run and jump better, use a scooter, throw better, and even pedals now and can generally keep up with the other kids more easily.”

-Michael F.

“I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough!  My son has some gross motor delays and was a delayed walker and although he is in Early Intervention we ran into a sudden gap in services.  We found Rebecca at a time when we were feeling anxious about his delays and she was so helpful and reassuring.  She connected easily with my son and helped us find new ways to work with him and help him develop his skills.  She taught us a lot about different approaches to PT and gave us a comprehensive plan to work with him at home.  She also went above and beyond outside of our formal sessions, recommending good shoes (including sending specific links and searching for sales!), using her networks to help us find a new EI therapist, and moving around her schedule to accommodate us.

Rebecca is warm, engaging, and great with kids.  She clearly has wonderful instincts in her work and really cares about the kids and families she works with.  We really appreciated her gentle and warm approach to physical therapy, as she took her cues from my son, focused on building his confidence, and adapted to what he needed to succeed.  Even though she knew we weren’t going to be a long-term client, she was so invested in our family and in my son’s progress and we are incredibly grateful.”

-Jamie B.

“Being a new mom, it’s so easy to feel overwhelmed with a new baby–and over think so many of the new phases and developmental milestones a child experiences. Pediatricians have differing opinions and every parent has something to say. It’s hard to sift through all the advice and get clear-cut good direction and guidance.

Dinosaur Pediatric PT  helped my son and I navigate successfully through some troubling situations and really helped us see the light at the end of the tunnel.

When my lactation consultant recommended I seek therapy for my then 1 month old’s muscular and cranial sacral tightness (which was severely affecting his ability to latch correctly and nurse) I was so scared and weary that anything would help. And if anything did, I thought my anxiety would surely get in the way. But after a nice, comprehensive session with Rebecca, we learned some really useful stretches and exercises. What’s more, her positivity and open-arms philosophy was so welcoming in those early days. She guided my husband and I in such a clear, supportive way, things started to shape up even after our first meeting.

She was so encouraging and took the time to answer all of our questions–quite the opposite demeanor of most doctors in the city!

Most recently she consulted us about some techniques to support my now 4-month old’s neck and head. And already I am seeing a difference. And she took the time to follow up!

In a sea of over-priced and cluttered childcare and services, Dinosaur Pediatric PT is totally accessible, comprehensive and has helped this new mom feel much more confident about being a great mom to a young infant.”

-Eva S.

“I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough. Rebecca worked with our daughter for over a year.  During that time our daughter made significant and lasting gains in her gross motor skills, and strength.

Our daughter adored Rebecca, looked forward to her visit every week, and was always thrilled to see her.  Rebecca encouraged and motivated her, making the therapy process both fun and effective.

Rebecca also provided great feedback to us on our daughters progress and recommendations on things we could do at home to help with her physical development.

Last, but not least, Rebecca was a big help in understanding and dealing with the CPSE process.”

-Douglas M.

“Dr. Rebecca is a wonderful pediatric physical therapist. We were lucky enough to find Dr. Rebecca’s practice after researching local pediatric PTs online.  After reading through her informational blogs and seeing all of her positive reviews, we made our first appointment and she has been our child’s PT ever since.

Dr. Rebecca is warm, funny, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Our daughter always looked forward to going to see her and there has been a noticeable decrease in her toe-walking since we began her PT sessions.  I believe her progress is due to all of the props, tools, and innovative ideas that Dr. Rebecca used with her during her sessions and passed along to us to use at home. After each session, Dr. Rebecca would give us an outline of exercises that we could use in between our sessions.  She would lend us props from her office that we could use at home and she even made our daughter her very own yoga mat with cut outs that would help her with her stretching.  Dr. Rebecca went above and beyond for our daughter while she was working in our area and she will definitely be missed.  Washington D.C. is lucky to have her!”

-Jamie C.